Interface NewSignificantCode

  • public interface NewSignificantCode
    This object is used to report ranges of a file which contain significant code. Lines that are left out (no range reported) will be ignored and won't be considered when calculating which lines were modified. It's particularly useful when portions of the lines are automatically modified by code editors and do not contain code or comments were issues might be created. Don't forget to call save() after setting the file and the ranges where the significant code is.
    • Method Detail

      • onFile

        NewSignificantCode onFile​(InputFile file)
        The file for which significant code is being reported. This field must be set before saving the error.
      • addRange

        NewSignificantCode addRange​(TextRange range)
        Add a range of significant code. The range may only include a single line and only one range is accepted per line.
      • save

        void save()
        Save the reported information for the given file.