Package org.sonar.api

Class SonarQubeVersion

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    public class SonarQubeVersion
    extends java.lang.Object
    since 7.8 Use SonarRuntime instead.
    Version of SonarQube at runtime, but not at compilation time. This component can be injected as a dependency of plugin extensions. The main usage for a plugin is to benefit from new APIs while keeping backward-compatibility with previous versions of API.

    Example: a plugin extension needs a new feature of API 6.0 without breaking compatibility with version 5.6 at runtime. This new feature would be disabled when plugin is executed within SonarQube 5.6.

     // Component provided by sonar-plugin-api
     // @since 5.6
     public interface AnApi {
       // implicitly since 5.6
       public void foo();
       // @since 6.0
       public void bar();
     // Component provided by plugin
     public class MyExtension {
       private final SonarQubeVersion sonarQubeVersion;
       private final AnApi api;
       public MyExtension(SonarQubeVersion sonarQubeVersion, AnApi api) {
         this.sonarQubeVersion = sonarQubeVersion;
         this.api = api;
       public void doSomething() {
         // assume that runtime is 5.6+;
         if (sonarQubeVersion.isGreaterThanOrEqual(Version.create(6, 0))) {

    Note that Sensor extensions can directly get SonarQubeVersion through SensorContext.getSonarQubeVersion(), without using constructor injection:

     public class MySensor implements Sensor {
       public void execute(SensorContext context) {
         if (context.getSonarQubeVersion().isGreaterThanOrEqual(Version.create(6, 0)) {

    The minimal supported version of SonarQube is verified at runtime. As plugin is built with sonar-plugin-api 6.0, we assume that the plugin requires v6.0 or greater at runtime. As the plugin codebase is compatible with 5.6, the plugin must define what is the effective minimal supported version through the configuration of sonar-packaging-maven-plugin 1.16+:

            <!-- Override the default value 6.0 which is guessed from sonar-plugin-api dependency -->

    The component SonarRuntime, introduced in version 6.0, is more complete. It is preferred over SonarQubeVersion if compatibility with version 5.6 Long Term Support is not required.

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      • SonarQubeVersion

        public SonarQubeVersion​(Version version)
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        public Version get()
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        public boolean isGreaterThanOrEqual​(Version than)