Class ServerQuery

  extended by<M>
      extended by<Server>
          extended by

public class ServerQuery
extends Query<Server>

Field Summary
static String BASE_URL
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Class<Server> getModelClass()
 String getUrl()
          Must start with a slash, for example: /api/metrics
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Field Detail


public static final String BASE_URL
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Constructor Detail


public ServerQuery()
Method Detail


public String getUrl()
Description copied from class: AbstractQuery
Must start with a slash, for example: /api/metrics

IMPORTANT: In implementations of this method we must use helper methods to construct URL.

Specified by:
getUrl in class AbstractQuery<Server>
See Also:
AbstractQuery.encode(String), AbstractQuery.appendUrlParameter(StringBuilder, String, Object), AbstractQuery.appendUrlParameter(StringBuilder, String, Object[]), AbstractQuery.appendUrlParameter(StringBuilder, String, Date, boolean)


public Class<Server> getModelClass()
Specified by:
getModelClass in class Query<Server>

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