Interface PostJobIssue

  • public interface PostJobIssue
    Represents an issue state at the end of the scanner analysis in preview/issues mode.
    • Method Detail

      • key

        java.lang.String key()
        Key of the issue.
      • componentKey

        java.lang.String componentKey()
        Component key like foo:src/Foo.php
      • inputComponent

        InputComponent inputComponent()
        The InputComponent this issue belongs to. Returns null if component was deleted (for resolved issues).
      • line

        java.lang.Integer line()
        Line of the issue. Null for global issues and issues on directories. Can also be null for files (issue global to the file).
      • message

        java.lang.String message()
        Message of the issue.
      • severity

        Severity severity()
      • isNew

        boolean isNew()
        If the issue a new one.