Interface InputDir

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    InputComponent, InputPath

    public interface InputDir
    extends InputPath
    since 6.6 Ability to report issues or measures on directories will soon be dropped. Report issues on project if needed.
    Layer over File for directories. You can access InputDir using FileSystem.inputDir(File).
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      • relativePath

        java.lang.String relativePath()
        Path relative to module base directory. Path is unique and identifies directory within given FileSystem. File separator is the forward slash ('/'), even on Microsoft Windows.
        Returns src/main/java/com if module base dir is /path/to/module and if directory is /path/to/module/src/main/java/com.
        Relative path is not null and is normalized ('foo/../foo' is replaced by 'foo').
        Specified by:
        relativePath in interface InputPath
        See Also:
        InputFile.relativePath(), relativePath()
      • absolutePath

        java.lang.String absolutePath()
        Normalized absolute path. File separator is forward slash ('/'), even on Microsoft Windows.
        This is not canonical path. Symbolic links are not resolved. For example if /project/src links to /tmp/src and basedir is /project, then this method returns /project/src. Use file().getCanonicalPath() to resolve symbolic link.
        Specified by:
        absolutePath in interface InputPath
        See Also:
        InputFile.absolutePath(), absolutePath()