Interface RubyRailsWebservice

All Superinterfaces:
Extension, ServerComponent, ServerExtension, Webservice

Deprecated. in 4.2. Replaced by

public interface RubyRailsWebservice
extends Webservice

Interface to create a web service by implementing a Ruby On Rails controller. The method getTemplate() return the ROR controller code, the name of the controller class defined in the template MUST match the following name scheme : Api::$Webservice.getId()Controller I.E : Webservice.getId() = TestWS > Api::TestWSController. The plugin will be deployed with the following URL scheme: http://sonarhost/api/plugins/$Webservice.getId()/:action/:id :action is the name of the controller method to call, :id is a param that will be passed to the controller, these 2 params are not mandatory and will call the index controller method if not specified.


Method Summary
 String getTemplate()
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String getTemplate()
Content of the Ruby on Rails web service controller class

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