Package org.sonar.api.resources

Interface Summary
InputFile Deprecated. in 4.2.
Language The extension point to define a new language

Instantiation strategy changed to PER_BATCH in version 4.2.

ProjectFileSystem Deprecated. since 3.5 replaced by ModuleFileSystem

Class Summary
AbstractLanguage Inherit this class to define a new language like PLSQL, PHP or C#
DefaultProjectFileSystem Deprecated. replaced by ModuleFileSystem and PathResolver in 3.5
File This class is an implementation of a resource of type FILE
Java Deprecated. in 3.6
JavaFile Deprecated. since 4.2 use File.
JavaPackage Deprecated. since 4.2 use Directory instead
Languages A class to store the list of languages
Method Deprecated. in 4.2.
Project A class that manipulates Projects in the Sonar way.
ProjectUtils Deprecated. see method comments
Qualifiers The qualifier determines the exact type of a resource.
Resource The interface to implement to create a resource in Sonar
ResourceType Experimental extension to declare types of resources.
ResourceType.Builder Builder used to create ResourceType objects.
Scopes Resource scopes are used to group some types of resources.

Enum Summary
Project.AnalysisType Deprecated. since 4.4 Since 4.3 SQ will no more run tests.

Exception Summary

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