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Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.batch

Methods in org.sonar.api.batch with type parameters of type Resource
<R extends Resource>
SonarIndex.getResource(R reference)
          Search for an indexed resource.
<R extends Resource>
SensorContext.getResource(R reference)
          Search for an indexed resource.

Methods in org.sonar.api.batch that return Resource
abstract  Resource SonarIndex.addResource(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 2.6. Use methods index()
 Resource CpdMapping.createResource(File file, List<File> sourceDirs)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 not used anymore
 Resource AbstractCpdMapping.createResource(File file, List<File> sourceDirs)
protected  Resource AbstractSourceImporter.createResource(File file, List<File> sourceDirs, boolean unitTest)
abstract  Resource SonarIndex.getParent(Resource reference)
 Resource SensorContext.getParent(Resource reference)
 Resource TimeMachineQuery.getResource()
 Resource DefaultFormulaContext.getResource()
 Resource DecoratorContext.getResource()

Methods in org.sonar.api.batch that return types with arguments of type Resource
abstract  Collection<Resource> SonarIndex.getChildren(Resource reference)
 Collection<Resource> SensorContext.getChildren(Resource reference)
 Collection<Resource> SonarIndex.getResources()

Methods in org.sonar.api.batch with parameters of type Resource
abstract  Event SonarIndex.addEvent(Resource resource, String name, String description, String category, Date date)
abstract  Measure SonarIndex.addMeasure(Resource resource, Measure measure)
          Warning: the resource is automatically indexed for backward-compatibility, but it should be explictly indexed before.
abstract  Resource SonarIndex.addResource(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 2.6. Use methods index()
 Event SensorContext.createEvent(Resource resource, String name, String description, String category, Date date)
          Creates an event for a given date
 void Decorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractSumChildrenDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractDivisionDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractFunctionComplexityDistributionDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractFunctionComplexityDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractFilesDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractFileComplexityDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
 void AbstractDirectoriesDecorator.decorate(Resource resource, DecoratorContext context)
abstract  Collection<Resource> SonarIndex.getChildren(Resource reference)
 Collection<Resource> SensorContext.getChildren(Resource reference)
abstract  List<Event> SonarIndex.getEvents(Resource resource)
 List<Event> SensorContext.getEvents(Resource resource)
 Collection<Dependency> SonarIndex.getIncomingDependencies(Resource to)
 Collection<Dependency> SensorContext.getIncomingDependencies(Resource to)
abstract  Measure SonarIndex.getMeasure(Resource resource, Metric<?> metric)
<G extends Serializable>
SensorContext.getMeasure(Resource resource, Metric<G> metric)
          Find a measure for this project
<M> M
SonarIndex.getMeasures(Resource resource, MeasuresFilter<M> filter)
<M> M
SensorContext.getMeasures(Resource resource, MeasuresFilter<M> filter)
          Find all measures for this project.
 Collection<Dependency> SonarIndex.getOutgoingDependencies(Resource from)
 Collection<Dependency> SensorContext.getOutgoingDependencies(Resource from)
abstract  Resource SonarIndex.getParent(Resource reference)
 Resource SensorContext.getParent(Resource reference)
abstract  String SonarIndex.getSource(Resource resource)
 List<Violation> SonarIndex.getViolations(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. in 3.6
abstract  boolean SonarIndex.index(Resource resource)
          Indexes a resource as a direct child of project.
 boolean SensorContext.index(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Resource indexing is done by the platform for all physical resources.
abstract  boolean SonarIndex.index(Resource resource, Resource parentReference)
          Indexes a resource.
 boolean SensorContext.index(Resource resource, Resource parentReference)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Resource indexing is done by the platform for all physical resources.
abstract  boolean SonarIndex.isExcluded(Resource reference)
          Returns true if the referenced resource is excluded.
 boolean SensorContext.isExcluded(Resource reference)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Excluded resources are not indexed.
 boolean ResourceFilter.isIgnored(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. Return true if the resource must be ignored, else it's saved into database.
abstract  boolean SonarIndex.isIndexed(Resource reference, boolean acceptExcluded)
 boolean SensorContext.isIndexed(Resource reference, boolean acceptExcluded)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Excluded resources are not indexed.
 Measure SensorContext.saveMeasure(Resource resource, Measure measure)
          Add or update a measure.
 Measure SensorContext.saveMeasure(Resource resource, Metric metric, Double value)
          Add or update a measure.
 String SensorContext.saveResource(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. use the methods index()
 void SensorContext.saveSource(Resource reference, String source)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Source import is done by the platform
 TimeMachineQuery TimeMachineQuery.setResource(Resource resource)
          Sets the resource of the query
abstract  void SonarIndex.setSource(Resource reference, String source)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 should not be used by plugins
 boolean AbstractSumChildrenDecorator.shouldDecorateResource(Resource resource)

Constructors in org.sonar.api.batch with parameters of type Resource
TimeMachineQuery(Resource resource)
          Create a TimeMachine query for a given resource

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.checks

Methods in org.sonar.api.checks with parameters of type Resource
 void NoSonarFilter.addResource(Resource model, Set<Integer> noSonarLines)

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.component

Methods in org.sonar.api.component with parameters of type Resource
<P extends Perspective>
P<P> perspectiveClass, Resource resource)

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.database.model

Methods in org.sonar.api.database.model with parameters of type Resource
static ResourceModel resource)
          Maps a resource to a resource model and returns the resource

Uses of Resource in

Methods in that return Resource
 Resource Dependency.getFrom()
 Resource Dependency.getTo()

Constructors in with parameters of type Resource
Dependency(Resource from, Resource to)

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.measures

Methods in org.sonar.api.measures that return Resource
 Resource FormulaContext.getResource()

Methods in org.sonar.api.measures with parameters of type Resource
 FileLinesContext FileLinesContextFactory.createFor(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.4 use FileLinesContextFactory.createFor(InputFile)

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.resources

Subclasses of Resource in org.sonar.api.resources
 class Directory
 class File
          This class is an implementation of a resource of type FILE
 class JavaFile
          Deprecated. since 4.2 use File. See for more details
 class JavaPackage
          Deprecated. since 4.2 use Directory instead
 class Library
 class Method
          Deprecated. in 4.2. Only file system components are managed by SQ core (files/directories).
 class Project
          A class that manipulates Projects in the Sonar way.

Methods in org.sonar.api.resources that return Resource
abstract  Resource Resource.getParent()
          The parent is used to build the resources tree, for example for relations between classes, packages and projects.
 Resource Library.getParent()
 Resource Directory.getParent()
 Resource Method.getParent()
 Resource JavaPackage.getParent()
 Resource Resource.setEffectiveKey(String effectiveKey)
          Internal use only
 Resource Resource.setExcluded(boolean b)
          Deprecated. since 2.6 should use SensorContext#isExcluded(resource). It will make inheritance of Resource easier.
 Resource Resource.setId(Integer id)
          Internal use only
 Resource Resource.setPath(String path)
 Resource ProjectFileSystem.toResource(File file)

Methods in org.sonar.api.resources with parameters of type Resource
static boolean Scopes.isBlockUnit(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.3 resources under FILE level are no more be supported since 4.2.
static boolean ResourceUtils.isClass(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 CLA qualifier is deprecated
static boolean Qualifiers.isClass(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 CLA qualifier is deprecated
static boolean Scopes.isDirectory(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isDirectory(Resource resource)
          Alias for ResourceUtils.isSpace(Resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isDirectory(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isEntity(Resource resource)
static boolean Scopes.isFile(Resource resource)
          This scope is sometimes called a "compilation unit".
static boolean ResourceUtils.isFile(Resource resource)
          Alias for ResourceUtils.isEntity(Resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isFile(Resource resource)
static boolean Scopes.isHigherThan(Resource resource, String than)
static boolean Scopes.isHigherThanOrEquals(Resource resource, String than)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isLibrary(Resource resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isMethod(Resource resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isModule(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isModuleProject(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isPackage(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Package are now directory. Use ResourceUtils.isDirectory(Resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isPackage(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Package is now a directory. Use Qualifiers.isDirectory(Resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isParagraph(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isPersistable(Resource resource)
static boolean Scopes.isProgramUnit(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 4.3 resources under FILE level are no more be supported since 4.2.
static boolean Scopes.isProject(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isProject(Resource resource)
          This method equal isRootProject(resource) or isModuleProject(resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isProject(Resource resource, boolean acceptModules)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isRootProject(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isSet(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isSpace(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isSubview(Resource resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isSubview(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isUnitTestClass(Resource resource)
static boolean ResourceUtils.isView(Resource resource)
static boolean Qualifiers.isView(Resource resource, boolean acceptSubViews)

Constructors in org.sonar.api.resources with parameters of type Resource
DuplicatedSourceException(Resource resource)

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.rules

Methods in org.sonar.api.rules that return Resource
 Resource Violation.getResource()

Methods in org.sonar.api.rules with parameters of type Resource
static Violation Violation.create(ActiveRule activeRule, Resource resource)
static Violation Violation.create(Rule rule, Resource resource)
 Violation Violation.setResource(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. Sets the resource the violation applies to

Constructors in org.sonar.api.rules with parameters of type Resource
Violation(Rule rule, Resource resource)
          Deprecated. since 2.3. Use the factory method create()

Uses of Resource in

Methods in with parameters of type Resource
 void ResourcePermissions.grantDefaultRoles(Resource resource)
          Limitation - the resource id is used instead of logical key.
 void ResourcePermissions.grantGroupRole(Resource resource, String groupName, String role)
          Limitation - the resource id is used instead of logical key.
 void ResourcePermissions.grantUserRole(Resource resource, String login, String role)
          Limitation - the resource id is used instead of logical key.
 boolean ResourcePermissions.hasRoles(Resource resource)
          Limitation - the resource id is used instead of logical key.

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.utils

Methods in org.sonar.api.utils that return Resource
 Resource CoberturaReportParserUtils.FileResolver.resolve(String filename)
          Return a SonarQube file resource from a filename present in Cobertura report

Uses of Resource in org.sonar.api.violations

Methods in org.sonar.api.violations that return Resource
 Resource ViolationQuery.getResource()
          Deprecated. Returns the resource which violations are search from.

Methods in org.sonar.api.violations with parameters of type Resource
 ViolationQuery ViolationQuery.forResource(Resource resource)
          Deprecated. Specifies the resource which violations are search from.

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