Class NoSonarFilter

  extended by org.sonar.api.issue.NoSonarFilter
All Implemented Interfaces:
BatchComponent, BatchExtension, Extension, IssueFilter

public class NoSonarFilter
extends Object
implements IssueFilter

Issue filter used to ignore issues created on lines commented with the tag "NOSONAR".

Plugins, via BatchExtensions, must feed this filter by registering the lines that contain "NOSONAR". Note that filters are disabled for the issues reported by end-users from UI or web services.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean accept(Issue issue, IssueFilterChain chain)
          The accept method is called for each Issue created during analysis, to check if it has to be persisted.
 NoSonarFilter addComponent(String componentKey, Set<Integer> noSonarLines)
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Constructor Detail


public NoSonarFilter()
Method Detail


public NoSonarFilter addComponent(String componentKey,
                                  Set<Integer> noSonarLines)


public boolean accept(Issue issue,
                      IssueFilterChain chain)
Description copied from interface: IssueFilter
The accept method is called for each Issue created during analysis, to check if it has to be persisted. Examples of use cases are: The chain parameter allows for fine control of the filtering logic: it is each filter's duty to either pass the issue to the next filter, by calling the IssueFilterChain.accept(org.sonar.api.issue.Issue) method, or return directly if the issue has to be accepted or not

Specified by:
accept in interface IssueFilter
issue - the issue being filtered
chain - the rest of the filters
true to accept the issue, false to reject it, IssueFilterChain.accept(org.sonar.api.issue.Issue) to let the other filters decide.

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