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Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api
 interface BatchExtension
          Batch extension point.
 interface ServerExtension
          Server extension point.

Classes in org.sonar.api that implement Extension
 class ExtensionProvider
          Factory of extensions.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch
 interface CoverageExtension
          Marker for the extensions that execute coverage tools.
 interface CpdMapping
 interface Decorator
 interface PostJob
          PostJobs are executed when project is analysed.
 interface ResourceFilter
          Deprecated. since 4.2. Analysis is file-system oriented. See org.sonar.api.scan.filesystem.InputFileFilter
 interface Sensor
           A Sensor is invoked once during the analysis of a project.

Classes in org.sonar.api.batch that implement Extension
 class AbstractCoverageExtension
          Deprecated. since 2.6 was superseded by interface CoverageExtension
 class AbstractCpdMapping
          A pre-implementation of the CpdMapping extension point
 class AbstractDirectoriesDecorator
          Deprecated. since 2.2, the number of directories is automatically calculated by sonar core (see metric formula)
 class AbstractDivisionDecorator
          A pre-implementation to decorate metrics that are the result of a division
 class AbstractFileComplexityDecorator
          Deprecated. since 2.1, a formula has been implemented on the metric, so no need to have decorator anymore
 class AbstractFilesDecorator
          Deprecated. since 2.2, the number of files is automatically calculated by sonar core (see metric formula)
 class AbstractFunctionComplexityDecorator
          Deprecated. since 2.1, a formula has been implemented on the metric, so no need to have decorator anymore
 class AbstractFunctionComplexityDistributionDecorator
          Deprecated. since 2.1, a formula has been implemented on the metric, so no need to have decorator anymore
 class AbstractSourceImporter
          Deprecated. since 4.2 Component indexing and source import are done by core and this extension is not used.
 class AbstractSumChildrenDecorator
          Sum measures of child resources.
 class BuildBreaker
 class FileFilter
          Deprecated. in 3.5. Replaced by FileSystemFilter
 class Initializer
           Initializer can execute external tool (like a Maven plugin), change project configuration.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.analyzer

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.analyzer
 interface Analyzer
           An Analyzer is invoked once during the analysis of a project.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.bootstrap

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.bootstrap
 interface ProjectBootstrapper
          Deprecated. since 4.3 All bootstrappers should use SQ Runner API and provide a set of properties

Classes in org.sonar.api.batch.bootstrap that implement Extension
 class ProjectBuilder
          This extension point allows to change project structure at runtime.

Uses of Extension in

Subinterfaces of Extension in
 interface DecoratorExecutionHandler
 interface DecoratorsPhaseHandler
 interface EventHandler
          Marker interface for event handlers.
 interface InitializerExecutionHandler
 interface InitializersPhaseHandler
 interface MavenPhaseHandler
 interface PostJobExecutionHandler
 interface PostJobsPhaseHandler
 interface ProjectAnalysisHandler
 interface SensorExecutionHandler
 interface SensorsPhaseHandler

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.fs

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.fs
 interface InputFileFilter
          Extension point to exclude some files from inspection

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.maven

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.batch.maven
 interface DependsUponMavenPlugin
          Can be used only for Initializers, Sensors and PostJobs.
 interface MavenPluginHandler

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.charts

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.charts
 interface Chart
          An Extension to create charts

Classes in org.sonar.api.charts that implement Extension
 class AbstractChart
          An extension point to generate JFreeChart charts

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.config

Classes in org.sonar.api.config that implement Extension
 class GlobalPropertyChangeHandler
          Observe changes of global properties done from web application.
 class PropertyDefinition
          Declare a plugin property.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.issue

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.issue
 interface IssueHandler

Classes in org.sonar.api.issue that implement Extension
 class NoSonarFilter
          Issue filter used to ignore issues created on lines commented with the tag "NOSONAR".

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.issue.action

Classes in org.sonar.api.issue.action that implement Extension
 class Actions

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.issue.batch

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.issue.batch
 interface IssueFilter
          An issue filter is an object that allows filtering of Issues on batch side, preventing them from being persisted.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.measures

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.measures
 interface Metrics

Classes in org.sonar.api.measures that implement Extension
 class Metric<G extends Serializable>
          This class represents the definition of a metric in Sonar.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.notifications

Classes in org.sonar.api.notifications that implement Extension
 class NotificationChannel
           Plugins should extend this class to provide implementation on a specific way to deliver notifications.
 class NotificationDispatcher
           Plugins should extend this class to provide logic to determine which users are interested in receiving notifications, along with which delivery channels they selected.
 class NotificationDispatcherMetadata
           Notification dispatchers (see NotificationDispatcher) can define their own metadata class in order to tell more about them.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.platform

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.platform
 interface NewUserHandler
 interface ServerStartHandler
 interface ServerStopHandler

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.profiles

Classes in org.sonar.api.profiles that implement Extension
 class ProfileDefinition
          Define a profile which is automatically registered during sonar startup.
 class ProfileExporter
 class ProfileImporter

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.resources

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.resources
 interface Language
          The extension point to define a new language

Instantiation strategy changed to PER_BATCH in version 4.2.


Classes in org.sonar.api.resources that implement Extension
 class AbstractLanguage
          Inherit this class to define a new language like PLSQL, PHP or C#
 class Java
          Deprecated. in 3.6
 class ResourceTypeTree

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.rules

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.rules
 interface ViolationFilter
          Deprecated. in 3.6. Replaced by IssueFilter.

Classes in org.sonar.api.rules that implement Extension
 class RuleRepository
          Deprecated. in 4.2. Replaced by org.sonar.api.server.rule.RuleDefinition

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.scan.event

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.scan.event
 interface ModuleScanPhaseHandler
 interface ProjectScanHandler

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.scan.filesystem

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.scan.filesystem
 interface FileSystemFilter
          Deprecated. since 4.2 use InputFileFilter

Uses of Extension in

Subinterfaces of Extension in
 interface LoginPasswordAuthenticator
          Deprecated. replaced by Authenticator in version 3.1

Classes in that implement Extension
 class Authenticator
 class SecurityRealm

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.server.rule

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.server.rule
 interface RulesDefinition
          Defines the coding rules.

Uses of Extension in

Subinterfaces of Extension in
 interface RequestHandler
 interface WebService
          Defines a web service.

Classes in that implement Extension
 class RailsHandler
          Used to declare web services that are still implemented in Ruby on Rails.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.task

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.task
 interface Task
          Implement this interface to provide the behavior of a task.
 interface TaskExtension
          Task extension point

Classes in org.sonar.api.task that implement Extension
 class TaskDefinition
          Register and describe a TaskExtension.

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.api.web

Subinterfaces of Extension in org.sonar.api.web
 interface Footer
 interface GwtExtension
          Deprecated. in 3.7. Replaced by Ruby on Rails extensions
 interface Page
 interface RubyRailsPage
 interface RubyRailsWebservice
          Deprecated. in 4.2. Replaced by
 interface RubyRailsWidget
          Widget in project dashboard page.
 interface View
 interface Webservice
          Deprecated. in 4.2. Replaced by
 interface Widget

Classes in org.sonar.api.web that implement Extension
 class AbstractDashboardWidget
          Deprecated. override org.sonar.api.web.AbstractRubyTemplate and implement org.sonar.api.web.RubyRailsWidget
 class CodeColorizerFormat
          Extend the library sonar-colorizer to support new languages.
 class DashboardTemplate
          This extension point must be implemented to define a new dashboard.
 class FilterTemplate
          This extension point must be implemented to define a new filter.
 class GwtPage
          Deprecated. in 3.7. Replaced by Ruby on Rails pages.
 class PageDecoration
          Adds content to HTML pages.
 class ServletFilter

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.xoo

Classes in org.sonar.xoo that implement Extension
 class Xoo

Uses of Extension in org.sonar.xoo.rule

Classes in org.sonar.xoo.rule that implement Extension
 class XooQualityProfile
 class XooRulesDefinition
          Define all the coding rules that are supported on the repository named "xoo".

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